Be part of this meeting of people connected with the purpose of using fashion as a positive network and tool of transformation!

Runway Spaces

Brasil Eco Fashion Week is where creativity, attitude and awareness gain action. Over three days, the selected brands exhibit their creations in an inclusive space open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. The production is carried out in partnership with companies that offer makeup artists and photographers, and assistance with backstage and costumes. It is supported by sustainable footwear brands, as well as natural, organic and vegan makeup.

Deliver Space

Carried out in partnership with Moda Limpa, it features suppliers and services that offer more sustainable solutions for the fashion production chain. The space also has its own programme of talks and content aimed at the public that works in fashion brands and enterprises, or that are building their own business.

Circular Space

Carried out in partnership with Sebrae Nacional, the space is dedicated to talks and activities for entrepreneurs, focusing on the transition to a circular economy, also involving products and services. The space highlights market cases, presents business roundtables and mentorships for micro and small entrepreneurs.

Convention Space

Space where access to knowledge is the catalyst for transformation. It has three to four areas dedicated to lectures, conversation circles and workshops, with the aim of educating and informing about sustainability practices in fashion. It gives voice to professionals, leading researchers and the public themselves. Promoting practical experiences with different topics including: upcycling, natural dyeing, repairs and exchange bazaars.

Amazon Space

A space that gives voice to protagonists that work for the conservation of the largest and most important Brazilian biome, using fashion as an educational tool for sustainability, focusing on quintasantion cultural expression and in home income generation. including a program of talks and content, complementary to the Supplied and Eco Market spaces, in order to bring raw materials and products from sustainable management and focusing on local production.

Eco Market Space

The largest fair and showroom in the sustainable fashion sector in Latin America, focused on retail and wholesale sales. The main point of networking at the Brasil Eco Fashion Week. The centre for promoting and exchange between brand exhibitors and event visitors; an environment for conducting trades and business. Different audiences pass by: conscious consumers and newcomers, B2B representatives, influencers and journalists.

Beauty Space

Held in partnership with Slow Market Brasil. The Beauty space is a fair where exhibitors focus on the natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free beauty. It shows makeup, hair and skin care products to the public, in line with the principles of sustainability.

Eco Showroom

Carried out in partnership with the Rio Moda Institute, Eco Showroom is an exhibition of pieces and looks with sustainability differentials, developed by designers and creators from all over Brazil. The curators choose ready-made prototypes or products, which use materials with a positive socio-environmental and cultural impact, and/or produced by the labor involved in this context. The exhibition is divided into Students, Professionals as well as Company launches.

“Come experience the best of sustainable fashion at the Brasil Eco Fashion Week!”