Curational criteria

The brands participating in fashion shows and eco market are selected by team of curators, composed by eight professionals connected to the sustainable and innovative fashion market.

The brands are analyzed by the curators, based on the following criteria:

The brand must carry out practices that: reduce or eliminate the propagation of solid waste; eliminate the use of toxic or potentially harmful chemical components; reduce the rate of atmospheric emissions; reduce the use of water and/or energy.

Practice of innovative Business Models;

General strategies aimed at the scope of the Circular Economy;


Articulation with projects, cooperatives or social groups, focusing on generation of income aiming to reduce wealth inequality;


Articulation with projects/commitments that seek greater diversity, inclusiveness and representation of races and cultures in the fashion market and industry;


Design execution;

Use of new technologies that focus on sustainability;


CClear educational and transparent communication regarding brand practices;


Certification of materials and production chain;

Time in market and presentation of future goals;

Variety of profiles in the chosen brands.